Is that where we go. Throughout this diseased existence, I found nothing but daggers aimed at my back, their delicate razors drawing near to my flesh, their poisonous tips etching images upon my forearms and I never knew it. Blindly I stumbled upon broken glass, rubbing my toes together for them to dig deeper, infect my soul with some reason for why I keep body bags within my subconscious, just in case I’ll need to hid those monsters, keep them from the foundation of my being.

They step too close, whisper sweetness upon their breath, as I believe every syllable that draws out from their depths. How foolish a girl I am, I close my eyes to what truths lay in front of me.

I choose to take the goodness in the hearts of betrayers to only be the witness to my own demise, watch as their daggers puncher my lungs, server the daffodils in my spinal cord, pluck their petals to brew their own, dead and decaying in my own flesh as they dance upon the corpse that is beneath their feet.

Do they know? How hard they have manufactured my heart, how the hatred is created.
 I think not, for they do not know what they do.

How I laugh at the gesture. Knifes only wound when there is force behind such an act, blood only flows when flesh is broken by a cause, how foolish those who think they were blinded when their fingers dug into my insides to pull out what was left.

I am not a graveyard for the dead to rest. My soil does not give life to the daffodils within your spinal cord.

if you still hate yourself
we’ll cut ourselves and swallow chunks of broken glass i don’t care about finishing college
i’ll buy the biggest tv that my credit card allows me we’ll watch the food network for the rest of our lives


The material of stars is recycled over billions of years. Interstellar gas clouds collapse to make stars. Stars forge heavy elements and return their gas to space. This material enriches gas clouds from which new stars are formed, and the cycle continues. Each generation of stars is made in part from the ashes of previous generations.
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fig. 1: aaron diaz has never read his own comic

makes sense that he’s never read his own comic considering he never makes updates for it either

I refuse to lay down about this and the really narrow view about females being sexualised in art and disgracing them.I almost always draw my girls naked and what most people see as sexual and I’ve been called a misogynist, been told that I have promoted rape and that i objectify women in my art, and they have gone as far as told me to go get raped, now the problem with that, and the feminist view, that view in the way of art is really twisted. I do not in any way view my own gender as sex objects, even if I draw women getting fucked by monsters, or women that desires sex or that are getting abused. IT DOES NOT MEAN I VIEW FEMALES THE WAY I DRAW THEM and I won’t lay on my back and see so many people shame artist for the subject matter of there art.

so tired..




You are so stunningly beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Leave me to decay please.

Kill me before I do.

You will always be worth my time.


Then tell. Me who you are,