you're an angel and the world needs your energy in it

You are the most kindest human. Thank you for giving me hope.


My eyes have never been as sore, red from all that water that bellows out of them. I never been one for crying, that sadden expression of the mind is dull. The nose runs, leaving lines across jumper sleeves.

You came back with carriages, filled with gifts bringing back the pain you caused, the…

The lingering silence of your voice is haunting, nothing draws you back into my wounds, ones that are brought to life with the sound of crickets in my wardrobe.

I hate that you’ve seeped into my insides, like some cheap wine I drank to forget you.
A poison that acts like ghosts in my walls to my flesh, you were a thumb tax upon my floor that I somehow always stepped on.

I hate that you still burn in my soul, tormenting me with your kindness, everything.

Please pop up on my phone again, forget the past like storybooks we outgrown, like lullabies we knew from childbirth.

I never got that chance to redeem the fate god grew on rose petals for us, while you cut them too closely.

Would you ever be interested in an intimate experience with a girl?


Yes. could possible happen, depends on the chick.


Deadpool and Ironman by David Nakayama

Charlotte, those images of you are far too lovely. My heart is racing.


Oh, you!

Now I finally know.
I have so much more self respect, and self worth now and it’s wonderful.

really refreshing to not think you are a parasite.

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this isn’t fun.
now I need to lose weight, 
look pretty all the time.

or I’ll be a fucking ugly piece of shit.


there aren’t enough bourbon cans to get me through this one


Major characteristics of each of the ten classes of necrophiles:
Class 1 - Roleplayers: Do not want to have sex with a dead person. Enjoy sex with a living person pretending to be dead.
Class 2 - Romantic necrophiles: Bereaved people, who would mummify a part of the body of their recently departed loved ones, and keep it with them in order to get psychosexual stimulation. Would not show a similar interest in any other dead body, i.e. body of a person with whom they were not romantically involved in life.
Class 3 - Necrophilia fantasizers: Fantasize intercourse with the dead. May visit cemeteries and funeral parlors and may masturbate in the presence of the dead.
Class 4 - Tactile necrophiles: Interest in dead bodies increases to the level of touching them. Like to stroke erotic parts of a dead body, such as breasts. May manipulate sexual organs of the dead in order to get an orgasm.
Class 5 - Fetishistic necrophiles: Cut up parts of a dead body – say a breast – mummify it, and keep it in their possession to use it as a fetish for their necrophiliac activities. Differ from class II necrophiles in the sense that they do it with the bodies of strangers with whom they held no romantic relationship in life. Thus they do not do it merely to fill a psychosexual vacuum left by the death of their loved ones.
Class 6 - Necromutilomaniacs: Interest in dead bodies is more than merely touching them. Necrophilic pleasure comes from mutilating a dead body.
Class 7 - Opportunist necrophiles: Actual sexual activity with the dead starts from this class. Normally these necrophiles would be content to have sexual intercourse with the living, but if an opportunity arose, would not refrain from having sexual intercourse with the dead. Necrophilic mortuary attendants belong to this class.
Class 8 - Regular necrophiles: The so-called ‘‘classic” necrophiles. They do not enjoy sexual intercourse with the living and prefer dead bodies for intercourse. They can however have sex with both living and dead persons. In this sense they differ from class X necrophiles, who can have sex only with dead persons.
Class 9 - Homicidal necrophiles: This penultimate category is the most dangerous of all, in the sense that they would kill a person in order to have intercourse with him or her. They are however capable of having sexual intercourse with the living, but the need for sexual intercourse with the dead is so great that they must kill human beings in order to have sexual intercourse with their dead bodies.
Class 10 - Exclusive necrophiles: Sexual intercourse is possible only with the dead, with the complete exclusion of living partners.

I stopped going to therapy because I knew my therapist was right and I wanted to keep being wrong. I wanted to keep my bad habits like charms on a bracelet. I did not want to be brave. I think I like my brain best in a bar fight with my heart. I think I like myself a little broken. I’m ok if that makes me less loved. I like poetry better than therapy anyway. The poems never judge me for healing wrong.